Friday, January 30, 2009

God has a sense of humor, and thankfully, so do I....

Hi, Everyone,

Have you ever had one of those days?? Well, today was my "one of those days"...

I had a friend stop by today. I did not know she was coming, but I am sure glad that she did...
Today was one of those rare days when Gus was in scream-a-palooza mode, bless his heart. He screamed for a total of almost four hours today (the day isn't over yet as I write this, so there could be more). When he is like that, he needs lots of attention (of course, who wouldn't?). So, Kate and Claire just have to kind of sit back and be in awe at the volume (literally) of the situation and wait patiently for their turn for attention.

On Gus' scream-a-palooza days, I basically get to brush my teeth, and that is about it. Of course, I did not get to shower today (attractive, I know). So, I met my sweet friend at the door while wearing a humongous t-shirt, the oldest pajama bottoms in my closet, Oscar the Grouch green fuzzy socks and my hair slicked back by bobby pins (at least my breath was minty fresh). I am sure that she was in shock at my appearance, but thankfully she gave me a sympathetic grin...AND a humongous pan of spaghetti, salad and bread for our dinner tonight. Initially, I wanted to crawl under a rock when I saw my friend's pretty face peeping through my front door. But, I am glad that I swallowed my pride and opened that door! God is so good and His timing is perfect...He knew that I needed to see a friendly face today...He knew that Chad and I needed and would appreciate a good meal.

God also has a sense of humor. After my friend left, I ran to the restroom and then washed my hands. As I glanced at my reflection in the mirror to reinforce how awful I look today, I saw two large chunks of spit-up dangling from my hair! Oh, my goodness! I just had to throw back my head and laugh! I hope that my friend will not have nightmares tonight...I was SUCH a sight!

I hope that the only thing in your hair today is a little gel or mousse... :o)

Tomorrow is a new day...

Love you all,


P.S. I looked like who-knows-what today, but aren't my babies adorable? :o)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Just an update...

Hi, Everyone,

I had my first weekend apart from Gus, Kate and Claire. It was a big step for me, but I went to a scrapbook retreat this weekend. While I was gone, Chad and his parents (MeMe and Poppa Bear to the babies) took on full-time baby duties! Meanwhile, at the scrapbook retreat, I made great strides in working on some scrapbooks for Gus, Kate and Claire that start with pregnancy and end with their homecoming in September. I finished Gus'. Claire's just needs some stickers for decoration. Kate's needs journaling and stickers. So, I am almost done! This is a huge weight lifted from my shoulders! The babies had a great time with their MeMe and Poppa Bear. They did not miss me one bit, and I am glad! I would rather them have a good time (which they did) than cry for me. I consider the weekend a success.

Here is the update on the babies...

They are all getting so fat, sassy and cute, cute, cute! Yes, I know that I am partial! :o) They are all eating rice cereal. Gus is now taking several bites of the cereal without spitting it out. Kate will take about three bites and then gets a funny look on her face as if she is saying, "What ARE you doing to me?" But, then she gums the cereal and swallows. Claire is the big surprise in the cereal scenario. Claire LOVES the rice cereal! She woke-up this morning and decided that she was ready for it. She smacks her lips and makes little "oooh oooh oooh" noises to demand MORE cereal. It is the cutest thing to see her do that! If we pause too long between bites, she kicks her feet and makes some weird growling noise to demand more. Then, she sticks her whole hand in her mouth to get a real feel for the cereal. It is so much fun! Chad and I just go down the line of babies, scooping rice cereal with a spoon and depositing it into the babies' mouths.

We are still having issues with Gus' infant formula. He is STARVING! Chad and I are hoping that he will settle down once he develops a taste for rice cereal and is able to eat a little more of it. The formula that he is on is just so thin and digests so very quickly. He is starving and screaming within two hours of eating. When this happens, it is difficult to get him to take his bottle because he is in such blind, angry hysteria from the sudden realization that he feels hungry again. It is AWFUL to see him like that.

Gus' eczema is much, much better since the formula switch. The allergist phoned-in a prescription steroid cream for me to use on Gus, but I wanted to give the over-the-counter creams and lotions one more try. Gus' skin care routine goes something like this: Bathe in Dove soap. Gently pat dry. Within 3 minutes of the bath, slather him from head to toe in Lubriderm lotion. Rub 1% Cortaid on trouble spots (FACE) and then "seal" it in with Aquaphor (that stuff is GREASY like Vaseline). Bless his heart! He is going to be sick of me slathering him in lotion day in and day out! But, it's whatever works, and right now, this routine is working! Aside from his skin and formula issues, Gus is still my jolly guy. He has the best laugh! He also has this little mannerism where, if you are carrying him, he will prop his arm/elbow on your shoulder like he is your laid-back buddy. It is really cute.

Kate has a new talent. She now sits in her Exersaucer and flings her hands up in the air and rocks the Exersaucer back and forth...HARD!! MeMe and Poppa Bear reported that they thought Kate was going to slam the Exersaucer through the wall this weekend! Also, she has stuffed monkey that she likes. She turns him in just the right direction so that she can put his curly tail in her mouth and slurp on it while she rocks back and forth in the Exersaucer. It is really cute to watch.

Claire Bear (or formally known as "Clarissa BEARissa") is laughing alot more, smiling alot more and talking alot more. As I already mentioned, her newest, biggest thing is the cereal. I could just watch her eat the cereal all is SO amusing to me how she smacks those little tiny lips like she is enjoying a delicacy. LOVE that!

I think I already mentioned in a previous post that we are done with pacifiers. The babies do not want them, even if they are really, really fussy. So, bye-bye, pacifiers. And, thank you, God, that You allowed us to get off easy on that one! Chad and I were ready for this to be a big issue around here. We will just be happy that we got to use the "easy button" for what is normally a pretty big issue for most families!

We are all doing very well and are counting down the days to warmer weather...we are counting the days to when it is NOT sick season anymore and we can get these sweet babies out to meet some of you.

Love and miss you all,


Friday, January 16, 2009

March for Babies

Hi, Everyone,

The posted pictures are of Gus, Kate and Claire during their stay in NICU in Dallas. Chad and I are so grateful for the neonatologists, registered nurses and various therapists who took such wonderful care of our babies during a very scary, intense time in our lives. The health care professionals involved in the day to day care of Gus, Kate and Claire were able to provide such wonderful care for our babies because of what has been learned over the years through March of Dimes research...
My new friend, Sarah, who is also the mom of triplets born at 29 weeks gestation (just like Gus, Kate and Claire) has organized some of the moms from our Moms of Multiples group to participate in the March for Babies walk that will be held here in Tyler on April 25th. As Sarah said, "We have healthy babies, and part of the reason that they are healthy is because of research and education conducted by March of Dimes." We have a team goal of raising $2500 to donate to March of Dimes. If you would like to help sponsor our team, walk in the March for Babies or just learn more, please click on:
The money we raise for March for Babies will help:
- support all-important research offering preventions and solutions for babies born too soon or with birth defects
- educate women on things they can do to increase their chances of having a healthy baby
- provide comfort and information to families with a newborn in intensive care
- push for newborn screening and health insurance for all pregnant women and children

Chad and I will "March for Babies" on April 25th (pray for beautiful weather and healthy babies). Gus, Kate and Claire will be with us. We will walk as a family to show our gratitude and to give hope to others. We have been blessed times three, and we want to help give back.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

All about Gus...

Hi, Everyone,

Gus still has not been feeling 100%. He has been looking tired, having a flair-up with his eczema, has had an almost constant clear nasal discharge and has needed breathing treatments. Some of these issues he has had for a while, and some just started coming on gradually in December. Some kept saying, "He looks fine to me." That comment was supposed to make me feel better and it was definitely well meant. At times, that comment made me question my own judgement and observations as a mom and as a nurse. I am sure that some thought I must surely be suffering from the "this woman had a preemie and just can't accept that he is perfectly healthy, so she is inventing things to be wrong with him" syndrome. All joking aside, this really does happen to lots of parents of preemies. They get the baby or babies home and become so paranoid that something is wrong that they just can't function. I was beginning to wonder if this was what was happening to me. Anyway, I took the advice of a friend and made an appointment for Gus with an allergist. As I mentioned, I was already second guessing myself, and I almost talked myself out of taking Gus to visit the allergist. I really had to push forward and make myself keep the appointment, especially after Gus screamed from the time I popped his car seat into the Expedition until we entered the very clean, very uncluttered, very quiet allergist's office! I almost lost my nerve to walk into that waiting room with an unhappy and VERY LOUD baby. But, I decided that surely most people could relate to having an unhappy baby at some point, so I marched right on in! I received some very sympathetic glances from onlookers, but that's okay. :o) Gus quieted down as soon as I got him out of the car seat, bless his heart.

The allergist was such a nice man and was very calm and sweet with Gus. After talking with me and examining Gus, he decided to do some skin testing on him. I kind of cringed until the nurse explained that it would feel kind of like being poked with a toothpick. Gus did SO well. He rested on the table on his tummy, wearing nothing but a diaper and his adorable grin. He didn't even flinch. I sang to Gus and he rewarded me with his adorable, gummy smile while we waited for the results. The results were that he ended-up with some horrific looking red hives in one area of his back. The allergist took one look and said, "Whoa! That's NOT what I expected to see at all!!" The area on Gus' back that was such a scary, flaming, angry red was the FOOD group. Through testing, it was discovered that Gus is allergic to whole milk, casein (a milk protein), oats, wheat, eggs (the white and yolk) and peanuts (yikes). Gus was given some medication and a new formula (soy formula). Since starting Gus on soy formula, we have also discovered that he is having a reaction to that, too. So, we are starting him on one of the elemental formulas (Nutramigen). Chad has a few food intolerances, and one of our nephews (name not included for privacy since I am discussing a medical condition) suffers with two very serious food allergies.

I am so thankful for the friends who listened to me when I kept talking to them about something not being right with Gus. Because of their wise discernment, Gus is on the path to feeling better soon.

Of course, Chad and I feel horrible that we have been stuffing Gus full of food that he is allergic to. But, we had no way of knowing that until this week. We are doing the best we can! We are learning as we go!

God is so good, and Chad and I are so thankful that we are finally getting to the bottom of why our little Gus Man has been feeling so crummy.

Please keep Gus in your prayers...allergies are hard on a little body...

Love and miss you all,


P.S. Don't dare turn your back on Gus! If you do, he will make a loud noise that sounds like he is saying, "HEYYY!!!" to get your attention again! :o) And, this picture is for Gus' honorary "Uncle" Mike and "Auntie" Jackie....we know you will like this hat! :o)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Six Month Check-up...

Hi, Everyone,

Today was Gus, Kate and Claire's big SIX month (calendar age...adjusted preemie age is four months) check-up at the doctor's office. The time is flying by!
It takes a "crew" to make doctor's office days go smoothly. Chad's parents (MeMe and Poppa to the babies) are always so sweet about helping me get the babies there. I drive, Chad's dad rides in the front seat. The babies take up the entire second row. Then, Chad's mom climbs into the very back -- the third row seat -- to ride and make sure the babies are okay. Now, if that isn't love, what is?? :o) It is so nice to have a person per baby! We all march into the doctor's office with a baby in tow. I feel bad for the office...they know they are in for a little chaos when we arrive, but they are always very, very sweet to us and are more than accommodating. Nurse Ashley, Nurse Janie, Nurse Christy and Nurse Michelle are THE BEST! One special treat for me while at the office is to be able to watch MeMe and Poppa following the nurse down the hall -- each person carrying a naked baby -- to the scale for weights while I am questioned about the babies' histories by the nurse! It is SO FUNNY to see them parade down the hall, one right after the other!

Gus weighs 17 pounds. Kate weighs 13.10 and Claire weighs 13.8.

Of course, today was the day that they received their immunizations. Gus had five injections (one injection had to be divided into two parts) and the girls received four injections each. OUCH! I'm not complaining. I feel bad for the babies that the injections hurt, but I am thankful that we are able to have them immunized.

I was told that the babies can now change to a feeding schedule of every four hours during the day (woooohoooo!!) and that Chad and I can feed them one last time at 10:30 p.m. or so and then let them sleep until they wake-up in the mornings. So, this means that we are down to five feedings per day (with larger volumes in the bottles, of course). This will be a big adjustment for the babies. I hope it won't take long to convince them that they only need to eat every four hours and that it's okay to sleep for 6 - 8 hours each night. Any schedule change for any baby takes a while to get the hang of -- wish me luck! This is just another little adventure for Chad and I! :o) Of all of the babies, Gus is the one who LOVES to eat the most, so this change in schedule will probably be the most difficult for him....poor little guy.

Chad and I and the babies' MeMe and Poppa noticed today that no one has given the babies a pacifier in quite some time. We have used the pacifier to help Claire eat (long story), but otherwise, the babies have not wanted a pacifier even if we have offered. We have not offered a paci when they are crying -- we try other things. We are using this to our benefit to just get rid of the pacifiers while the babies don't seem to notice too much. I have heard way too many horror stories about weaning from pacifiers. The thought of three babies screaming bloody murder for pacifiers freaks me out a little, so I am glad that it looks like we are going to leave Pacifier/Binky Land relatively unscathed.

We are still on "lock down" (nobody gets in or out...LOL) around here until RSV/cold/flu season is over with around April. So far, the play area that Chad and I arranged for the babies in our house is working out well. There's room for their toys, and there is room for Chad and I to stretch out on the floor with them for play time. Also, the room gets lots of sunshine at the right times of day, which makes it very cheery. Goodness knows, with so many long, winter days ahead, a sunny room helps to lift the spirits! Chad and I are not opposed to bundling-up the babies even on the really cold days and taking them for a stroll up and down the road -- that will help to reduce the feeling of cabin fever!

I am going to attend a scrapbook retreat at the end of the month, so I have been working hard at organizing the photos of the babies that will go into this particular scrapbook project. All I can say is "GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!" I am in way over my head on this one. But, I better get the hang of this because these scrapbooks for the babies are just the beginning. I have many, many years of documenting and preserving their memories ahead of me. My stress comes from not wanting to mess it up for them...I want the scrapbooks to tell their stories. I want them to be able to open their scrapbooks and see how much they are loved and wanted. I have never seen a perfect scrapbook. I have seen many beautiful ones (more beautiful than I could ever hope to create), but never a perfect one. Scrapbooks are not supposed to be is just important to know that the person who created the scrapbook did so out of love and care. This is definitely a project of great love and care, and that is all that matters.
This was long and covered a multitude of topics...sorry about that!

I hope that all is well with each of you. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we look forward to Spring.

We love and miss you,

P.S. The picture is of Gus, Kate and Claire after we came home from the doctor's office today.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hi, Everyone,

Today was a big day for the babies! They had a very special visit by their Aunt Brandy and big Cousin Hannah!

Today is the first time that Brandy and Hannah have seen the babies since September (due to precautions against illness). This was the first time that Hannah was allowed to clean her hands and hold each baby very briefly. I have to say that Hannah is an excellent "baby holder". Gus, Kate and Claire all seemed right at home with her.

It was so funny to see each baby's reaction to the "new" faces. Gus' reaction was the funniest. He looked at Brandy and Hannah for a moment and then made an awful face and screamed -- not cried -- just literally screamed. He did this a couple of times. Fortunately, Brandy and Hannah saw the humor in the situation and we all had a good laugh. After Gus got the scream out of his system, he was content and even posed for pictures with them.

Brandy and Hannah stayed and helped us feed the babies and tuck them into bed. It was really great to have them here with us!

I hope that you all enjoyed your day.



P.S. To view the pictures of Hannah and Brandy's visit, click on the link below:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Joy in the middle of a hard day...

Hi, Everyone,

Kate and Claire had a setback with feeding today. It was very discouraging because they had been doing so well. Claire would not take two out of seven of her bottles today. Kate only took about two ounces on one feeding and one ounce on another feeding out of her seven bottles. Both cried and arched their backs and just refused to take the bottle. I tried for well over an hour to get them to eat, and they just would not do it. And, little Gus Man is still getting breathing treatments...

When one baby has a difficult feeding session, it makes it difficult for all three babies, if that makes any sense at all. On a good day, it still takes 30 to 45 minutes or more to diaper and feed Gus, Kate and Claire. But, on a difficult day, it can take an hour and a half to two hours (they are still fed every three hours). For example, if Claire is having a difficult feeding, it could take me an hour off and on just to coax her to eat. Then, Gus and Kate have to wait longer for their bottles or for my full attention to play with them. This is because if I ever get one of the difficult feeders to take the bottle, that feeding cannot be interrupted for any reason...not another baby's cry, the phone ringing, the dogs wanting outside to play, etc.

Today, I felt that all I was able to do was to meet the basic needs of the babies (feeding, changing) and that I was not able to really nurture them by singing, playing, holding, etc. I pray for my babies daily, but on days like today, I also ask God to help me to be creative and to help me know what to do so that they will eat. I ask Him to help me find quick and creative ways to entertain Gus, Kate and Claire so that they will be happy and thrive and know that they are loved even though the day is hard...
I have a sweet friend who called me a "supermom". That was a nice compliment, but when she said this I replied, "There is no SuperMom here! But, if you see her, send her on over to my house!" :o) I'm no supermom, that's for sure, but I do know where my Strength comes from...that is why even on the hard days, when babies won't eat and they are frustrated and I am frustrated and nervous that they might starve, we still manage to find the joy. It brings Kate joy when I sing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" even though it is January...and it brings me joy when I sing it to her. It brings Claire Bear joy to be kissed right between the eyes. For a kiss between the eyes, she will flash her elusive little gummy smile. That gummy smile brings me great joy! It brings Gus joy when I say, "Hey, Mr. Gus Man," in my most gruff and playful voice. He grins from ear to ear and giggles, which, as you guessed it, makes my heart burst with joy!
I thank God that He is with me on the hard days like today. I thank God that He gives me JOY and the strength to come up with one more idea so that my babies will eat or one more idea to make my babies smile...God is so good.
I hope that your day was NOT a hard one... :o)

Love and miss you all,


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thank you, Kierston, Kennedy and Dalton

Kierston, Kennedy and Dalton,

Thank you for the stuffed animals that you gave to Gus, Kate and Claire for Christmas. You are all so thoughtful. Your sweet gifts really helped to make the babies' first Christmas very, very special.
Here is a picture of Gus, Kate and Claire with the toys that you gave them...


Leslie, Chad, Gus, Kate and Claire

The things that people say....good grief.

  • "I'm glad I'm not you."

  • "You've sure got your hands full (negative tone of voice)."

  • "What did you do, just decide to have a litter and get it over with?" (well, let's see...cats and dogs have litters of things...I am a my knowledge people do not give birth to litters...they give birth to people).

  • "Did you plan to have triplets on purpose?"

  • "Was this natural?" (most people do not realize this, but this is a very personal question to ask a complete stranger in public)

  • "That one is the cutest one of the whole bunch (as if the other two are not cute)."

  • "Are you gonna have any more kids? I bet in a couple of months, I'll see you and you'll tell me you're pregnant again. Then, you'll really be miserable with four kids." (when I answer 'no' I am not planning on having a fourth child, then people assume that I do not want the three children that I have, or that I am not happy with them).

  • "Your kids will just take over and you will be miserable and not have any time or space for yourself."

  • "It's only going to get worse. Just wait until they..... (fill in the blank...start crawling...start walking...start on solid foods, etc.)"

  • "When I was up late at night with my twins screaming and crying, all I could do was thank God that I did not have triplets."

Believe it or not, all of the above comments are ones that Chad and I have heard from acquaintances and strangers in public. No, I'm not kidding, and yes, people really do say things like that! Sometimes, it is hard to have a polite answer to the out of line questions people ask and the statements that they make. Some people genuinely have no clue about triplets (I still have no clue about triplets, and yet I have them) and are just curious and mean well by the questions that they ask. But, it seems that others are looking for the negative and are just trying to be mean. It is difficult to continue to be polite to people that say things like that, but I am learning. Unless someone is a close friend or family member, they cannot possibly know what goes on in our house at any given time. So far, what is going on here is happy, joyful, hilarious, fun CHAOS! :o) I have three babies in my house (finally)! They ARE taking over the house, and I am glad! Chad and I built this house just hoping that one day we would have at least one child to fill these walls with laughter. The house was built for FAMILY. Gus, Kate and Claire have a nursery with baby beds and a closet for their clothes (their room used to be a sparsely decorated guest room) . They also have two different closets that are for extra supplies (these closets used to be the linen closet and empty guest room closet, but not anymore). And just yesterday, I converted my boring old sitting/family room that is just off of my kitchen area into Gus, Kate and Claire's play area, which I loved doing...

Sure, sometimes the days are hard when the babies are having difficulty eating or if they are just having an old fashioned "fussy" day. But, that's just life with babies. They fuss, they's the only way that they have to communicate and it is nothing personal against me when they do these things. But, even on the difficult days, Chad and I have never been happier. Every day, I thank God that He did not listen to me when I said I just wanted A baby. He had something so much better in store. He gave me a Gus, a Kate and a Claire. I cannot imagine life without any one of them.

Having said all of that, most people (including those of you who are still keeping up with the babies) have so many sweet and positive things to say...things like:

  • "I am still praying for those babies."

  • "I bet that you are having so much fun."

  • "I don't know how you ever get anything done. I would just sit and look at the babies all day."

  • "You are blessed times three."

  • "I am so happy for you."

  • "They are so cute and sweet."

  • "Treasure every minute, because before you know it, they won't be babies any more."

  • "I cannot wait until Spring when I can come see those babies and get my hands on them!"

  • "You just thought that this Christmas was fun...just wait 'til next year!!"

  • "It just gets better and better."

Those are the comments that Chad and I hang on to...those are the comments that mean something. So, if you have said something to me or to Chad that is along those lines, THANK YOU for being such a sweet source of encouragement to us. You make us SMILE! :o)

I attached a picture of Gus, Kate and Claire's new play area. As I said, they ARE taking over the house and Chad and I LOVE it! :o) The area is still not quite completely decorated yet (thus the squirt bottle of non-toxic furniture dusting spray on the shelf), but I am working on it as I have a spare minute.

Enjoy your day!

We love you!

Leslie, Chad, Gus, Kate and Claire

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Special Visitors and Hidden Baby Talents

Hi, Everyone,

I hope that your New Year is off to a good start!

Gus, Kate and Claire had two very special visitors yesterday. Their great grandmother (my sweet Maw Maw) and great Uncle David (one of my two favorite uncles -- his brother is my other favorite uncle) came to visit them. My Maw Maw had not seen them since they were in NICU in Dallas, and this was my Uncle David's first official visit. They drove all the way from Lake Providence, LA (my hometown). The babies really responded to Maw Maw and Uncle David! I think they enjoyed having some new faces to see around here! I have always said that having a visit from Maw Maw makes everything "official"...anytime Chad and I moved to a new house, which has been frequently over the years, it never felt like HOME until Maw Maw and Uncle David came for a visit. It is the same with their visit yesterday. It was so special to have them here. I feel like everything is now "official" and I can take a deep breath! :o)

While Maw Maw and Uncle David were here, my sweet little Claire discovered that she has a new talent. Her new talent is spit-bubble-blowing. She was very amused with herself, which was funny. I have to admit that on a normal basis I am pretty repulsed by spit in general, so I was pretty surprised that I thought that this new "activity" for Claire was cute. Now, if Claire is 15 years old and still blowing spit bubbles, there might be a problem, but for now I am just going to enjoy watching her do this!

During the Christmas holidays, instead of singing regular children's songs (i.e. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, etc.) to the babies, I sang Christmas carols to them (and we listened to REAL singers on CD sing Christmas carols), which they loved. In this process of my extremely bad/off-key singing, I figured out that Kate has a favorite carol. Her favorite carol is "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"! Who knows why in the world this is her favorite, but it really is! I can sing any song, and she will grin and enjoy it, but when I sing that particular carol, she really laughs and grins! I also change the words on the second verse to "Now bring KATE some figgy pudding, now bring KATE some figgy pudding...." I think she is starting to learn the sound of her own name, which is so neat!

Gus is learning to reach and grab toys that are dangling over his face. Kate and Claire are starting to do this, too, but not to the same degree as Gus. It is so cute to watch him concentrate on the toys and work really hard to bat at them. He is also getting stronger and stronger with his "tummy time", which is wonderful because that has been such a struggle for him due to a tight neck muscle. Chad has worked on his neck (with doctor's approval) and it is so much better.

I just read what I wrote, and I know that it all probably sounds incredibly boring to you. But, it's not boring to me! I have waited a long time to see my own babies be amused by my singing, blow spit bubbles and bat at toys. It is all so fun, and this time will quickly pass...I just don't want to miss it! So, I spend my days on the floor with my babies...we sing, read, laugh and play...they nap. It's what I do now, and I would not change one single thing...

Enjoy your evening. Chad and I love and miss you all!


P.S. The picture is of my sweet Maw Maw, Uncle David, Gus, Kate, Claire and of course, me. The babies are wearing some adorable monogrammed shirts that their MeMe gave them for Christmas. I am very self-conscious about photos of myself (no make-up, baby poundage, etc.). But, one thing I have realized is that as the years pass, these pictures of myself that I think are so horrible now will actually start to look good to me! Also, I know that it is important for my children to have pictures of me with them. Now that my mom is gone, I treasure every picture of her, but especially pictures of her with me (those that show her holding or hugging me or interacting with me are my favorites because it reminds me of how much she loved me). I want the same for Gus, Kate and Claire.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year from Mom to Gus, Kate and Claire

Dear Little Ones,

Happy New Year!

Gus: You are "all boy"! I love your very LOUD voice, your chubby cheeks, your almost bald head and your JOLLY belly laugh. You are a darling, chunky little baby man. I cannot help but smile when I look at you. There is a sweetness about you that cannot be explained. I love you, my precious son.

Kate: I love your sweet, chirpy little voice and how you wake-up in the mornings "talking" and fall asleep at night "talking" with so much enthusiasm. When you smile, you smile with your entire face and you make my heart melt. I love that you pay attention to every do not miss a thing. I love you, my precious first born daughter.

Claire: I love your quiet voice and your shy, gummy little smile. I love the intensity of your gaze and how it seems that you can almost see right into my heart. You are a cuddly, sweet baby girl. I love you, my precious baby daughter.

Chad: You are such a sweet and loving Dad to Gus, Kate and Claire. We are all blessed that you are the head of our home.

You, my children, make me a better person.

I love you.


Hello, my three little ones.

What a rollar coaster ride you have given us in this year of 2008. You have been such a wonderful blessing and joy during your short time on this earth. You have come a long way since 7/9/08 when you were born over two months early. We have a wonderful Savior who continues to hold you in His hands! God has been so good to us. You have had so many people that have lifted you up to His throne of grace. We are so grateful to each and everyone.

G-Man: Thank you for your contagious smile and laugh that greets me every morning.

Kate a Bug: I love so much how you curl up like a butterbean when I lift you out of your bed at night and how you intently watch the world around you.

Claire Bear: Thank you for holding my finger when I feed you. I love so much how you snuggle into my chest and shoulder when I carry you.

Leslie: Thank you for being such a great mom to our three. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to continue this journal to document our journey.

May God watch over Gus, Kate, and Claire and may His face shine upon you in 2009!
I can't wait to see what you three have in store for us in this new year.

Happy New Year.
Love, Daddy