Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gus, Kate and Claire!!

Hi, Everyone,

I wrote this on the babies' birthday (July 9th), but I am just now getting around to posting it...

As most of you know, today is Gus, Kate and Claire's official FIRST BIRTHDAY! Chad and I just cannot believe it! It has been an incredible year for Chad and I to literally see the hand of God in our lives and in the lives our children. We have experienced what we believe to be miracles overflowing! In spite of the statistics and in spite of what we were told would probably happen during my pregnancy, we have three healthy, happy little ones.
If you didn't believe in miracles before, I hope that you do now. I hope that when you think of Gus, Kate and Claire you will also remember that God is good, He loves you, He is merciful and He is still a God of miracles.

Thank you all for your prayers for our family. Because you prayed for us, you are also a part of these many miracles...

So, you are wondering how their first party went, right? Well, it was so fun! The babies were so sweet. The girls were dressed in little pink tutus, with big bows in their hair and t-shirts with cupcakes with "1" on them. Gus was in little khaki shorts with a t-shirt and a camo "1" on it. The babies' MeMe and Poppa Bear, Poppa and Ma DJ, Great MamMaw, Uncle Matt, Aunt Brandy and Cousin Hunter, and Auntie A and Uncle T-Boy came to help celebrate. Gift opening went slowly...the babies were easily distracted, so that part was pretty funny. But, of course, the grand finale for them was the CAKE. Each baby had their own "smash" cake with their name on it. When presented with his cake (while only wearing a diaper and a birthday hat), Gus kicked-back in his high chair seat like he had been eating cake every day for his entire life...he ate half of that little cake! Kate, also wearing only a diaper and a cute little birthday tiara/hat, looked at the cake, touched the cake, briefly tasted the cake and then flipped-out because icing was on her hands. Claire, also half naked and in a birthday tiara, was pretty laid-back about the whole thing. She took her time looking at the cake, playing in the icing and attempting to eat some of the cake. It was a HOOT! We all sang "Happy Birthday" to each baby...

I posted a few pictures so you can see how much fun we had! (from top to bottom...picture of Kate, then Gus, then Claire, a family photo and then a cake photo).

Happy Birthday, Gus, Kate and Claire! Your dad and I are so glad we had you. You are blessings that fill our daily lives with joy. We love you!